East Midlands...Connecting With Others, through hobbies etc

Hi all,

I wanted to start up a thread for folks living in the East Midlands who have MS or are affiliated to people with MS…looking to connect with others through hobbies and interests. So, even though MS is our link and we understand the ‘lifestyle’, we find some other common ground to focus on.

If this sounds like it suits or interests you, then reply with your interests, hobbies, passions etc…and your approximate location which you are happy to be publicly available.



Im in the west midlands so almost in your location. This is a great idea.

Ive had ms for about 5 years now and my hobby is making scented candles, ive done a few craft fairs which went really well but its staying as a hobby as i work full time too.

Wondered if there were anymore candle makers out there?


Thanks Elle67, welcome.

Here’s a bit about my interests:

I enjoy genealogy, photography, garden design, geocaching, cats, geeky tech stuff. I’m gay, love the ocean, trees, hills, pastoral land with cattle, the sound of natural water. I also have a golden retriever assistance dog