Early Intervention Service

I have been referred to the Early Intervention Service who are coming to do an assessment of my needs.

Can anyone tell me about this process and the type of things I should mention to them please?

Eh? Not heard of these bods. Who referred you to them and why?

I am wondering if it is a new name for the OT guys.


you should tell them about all the things you struggle with - both big and small

i’ve never heard of them either but hopefully you’ll get help with living with this monster

the OT had rails put up in my shower, gave me a perching stool and a little rubber thingy to help with opening jars and bottles

good luck

carole x

Me again. If it is the OT service, here`s a list of things they sorted for me in the last 14 years;

grab rails in bathroom and bedroom

door widening

ceiling hoist

recliner riser chair

profiling bed and air circulating mattress



shower chair/commode

leg lifter

Prior to asking for help, I spent around 30k adapting my home and buying equipment.

It`s a costly life being disabled!


Sorry - Should have explained the EIS:

The Early Intervention Service helps with short-term crisis care and starts the ball rolling for longer term help from carers and personal payments (I think).

That is why I after some input on what things I should list as needing assistance with.

There are all sorts of personal care needs, but do I also try to include every trip which means leaving the house?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.