DVLA question

Assuming a person’s RRMS is diagnosed after a second relapse, would the DVLA forms be filled in for the symptoms being experienced at that time as that is when they would need to be notified? It occurred to me that the symptoms at the beginning of an early relapse (eg dizziness) would not necessarily be the symptoms a person would be left with when in remission. During a relapse, if dizzy, we obviously shouldn’t be driving, but our licence shouldn’t be revoked due to a potentially temporary condition (people get dizzy sometimes from ear infections but don’t lose their licences even if they get them frequently). Has anyone had any experience of this?

If it helps I have constant vertigo (controlled by meds) DVLA knows this from my medical reports. They have given me the usual 3 year license twice now.

Thanks for your reply. It is interesting, as someone on the other forum had her licence revoked upon diagnosis due to dizziness. I guess the difference is yours is controlled, but was it when you first notified them?

I gave all my symptoms when filling out the forms, including the sudden loss of feeling in left leg. This has made me fall several times and knocked out twice after hitting my head on the way down (ouch!).

The DVLA get info from your Neuro and GP, and the forms are assessed by a medical team so they should have knowledge of how ms works.

My Neuro told me there’s eligibility and ability for driving. I’m eligible to drive, but must be sensible and be aware of when my ability to drive is impaired.

I’m waiting for a new three year license to be sent to me, this is commonly given to people with ms.

Hope this helps