Dizziness and RRMS


Just wanted some advice please. I have had RRMS for around 2 years now. For the past two weeks I have have had this feeling that I am spinning in a small circle (a bit like being on a boat - if that makes sense). It comes and goes. I am still driving (obviously when I am not feeling dizzy) and wanted some clarification on what would happen should I speak to my MS Nurse or GP about this. From what I can find out this might be due to MS or could be something else. At the moment it is just annoying - I am not wobbly or anything!

Driving is essential with three children and living in the country. Should I have this on my medical history will it affect my license?


Before I was officially diagnosed with RRMS 18 years ago I had this sensation, my GP prescribed seasickness tablets that you can buy OTC. They really helped and I have never had this symptom again. Hopefully your symptom will be temporary and will not affect your driving license- at the time I didn’t notify DVLA of it and luckily it passed fairly quickly.


Speak to your GP - he may be able to prescribe something to help with the dizziness.

Have you already notified DVLA that you have MS? If not, you must do so. If you have, I wouldn’t notify them about the dizziness.

Hi, I have had RRMS for at least 15 years and for the past 7 my main relapses have been dizziness, vertigo and unsteadiness. The DVLA are aware of this and I have a 3 year license, I’m a single mum of 2 children under 5 and couldn’t cope without my car but as long as I am sensible (obviously there are some times that it would be dangerous to drive) which the DVLA trust me to be then that’s ok. Hope that helps.

Kate xx

Dizziness is one of my symptoms, I feel for you as know how horrible it is, i suffered this all my life but about 3 years ago got considerably worse. I had every test going for dizziness and all the tablets going nothing touched it then i received my dx. In regards to dvla as long as you get warning so can safely stop before it occurs they won’t take your license off you. I was unfortunate in I collapsed at work and because I wasn’t dx they couldn’t explain why i had collapsed I now know it was the MS, my not helpful GP response because she couldn’t explain this at the time even though my specialist consultant said I was fine i had my licence revoked it took me 10 months to get it back. I now have a 3 year licence which I agree with. Please tell them you can still have your licence with this symptom. As you say we know when it is not safe to drive, i am over cautious if anything and hand over the car keys. Barney

This is one of my main symptoms. I have had constant dizziness for at least the past 9 years. I take Beta-Histine 3x day for it. Took about a week to start working but once it started working it was (and still is) brilliant. It doesn’t get rid of 100% of it but I’m still safe to drive.

Thank you everyone so much - you have really put my mind at rest. Yes, I have notified the DVLA that I have MS and have a 5 year licence. I have made an appointment to see my GP to get some medication. So glad I don’t need to worry about my licence.

Thanks Katrina

I get dizzy sometimes. Usually it is short lived and is if I overheat. It often comes on if I have been gardening, vacuuming or mopping the floor so often when I’ve had my head looking down and getting too hot at the same time. When I look up again everything swims and several times I have nearly head butted the side of the house or staggered across the living room. The other week I dashed to the shop but forgot my purse so had to dash home again. I got out of the car and promptly staggered up the side path to the back door - not a good look, ha ha!

The worst day was when it lasted from 8am to 4pm and I couldn’t even roll over in bed without everything spinning. Luckily it resolved itself but my nurse said I would’ve been given steroids for a relapse if it had lasted until the next day or so. Horrible, horrible symptom. I also won’t drive until my head settles.

Tracey x