DVLA and numbness

Hi everyone, I get numbness in my legs that comes and goes it is worst when I bend. It doesn’t affect my driving as when I sit down I don’t get it. Does any one get this and how did you get on with DVLA. Thanks for your answers.

If you’ve told the DVLA about your MS, they then just write to your doctor so you won’t be asked about it specifically.

Have you told the DVLA already that you have MS? You’re legally required to tell them, so if not call them straight away. They’ll send you a medical questionnaire to fill out, and will get in touch with your doctors. Don’t expect any quick response from them though - it can take months for them to deal with medical stuff! Then eventually they’ll probably just give you a 3 year licence, which will need to be renewed every 3 years.

If you’ve not done so already, you also need to tell your car insurance, as it’s possible it may invalidate your insurance if you’ve not told them. It won’t affect your premium though.

Hope that helps.


There is a corollary to Dan’s points above: have you actually been diagnosed with MS?

If “yes” then do just what he said.

And, as an aside, when I was at the onset stage of what became TIM at first, I was driving with numbness just abouit up to the armpits. And a week later, I was walking on the cobbled streets of Prague Old Town. This is a sort-of “what can you do?” and “what can you not do?” situation.


You are right about the DVLA taking ages! When I first told them about the MS after about 6 months they wrote and said they weren’t going to make any changes but to let them know if my symptons changed. 8 years later I have moved house - I wrote to change my address after 15 months they still haven’t finished their enquiries. I know my neuro and my new GP (I have not changed neuro) have filled in their questionaire and sent them back… I’ve done mine… and 3 months after they were completed I am still waiting (and driving) what takes so long?

Back you up on slowness of dvla they revoked my licence after my gp couldn’t explain my symptoms in feb then I was diagnosed with MS so reapplied for licence straight away as there was now a diagnosis phoned them yesterday to be told it was now with the doctor and that can take 12 weeks. Thank goodness for access to work as I work an hour drive away. I just hope they say I can have my license back. I am really sensible about driving would never get in the car if I wasn’t fit to drive. I hope this disease doesn’t strip me of my indepence. Barney