DVLA and licience renewal

Hi I got dianosed 3 yrs ago and was automactically given a 3 yrs driving licience. I recieved the renewal forms and after speaking to my MS nurse, GP and optician filled it in and sent it off. Wehen went on a touring holiday covering over 1500mls. And on my return was greeted with a letter from DVLA stating my licience was being revoked due to my lack of ability to read a numberplate at 20 mtres and I did not have visual acuity of at least 0.5 (6/12) on the Snellen scale. I have shown the letter to my optician who says it is rubbish as I can do both. I t also suprised me that the rely was less than a week after I sent my forms back using second class post. My licience is not due to run out until December . But my reding of this means I am stuffed now . I have tried phoning DVLA but just get the message “All lines are busy”…any help out there Murray

Sounds like the DVLA have mixed up your record with someone else’s.

Think you’ll just have to keep trying to speak to them.

Might be worth asking your optician to write to them aswell ?

Good luck,


Having had dealings with the ‘Good folk of Swansea’, may I humbly suggest that if you live within a reasonable distance and think it worthwhile,why not pay them a visit,equipped with all relevant paperwork,a dictaphone/recording device and a flask of coffee.

It is appalling the way they treat the disabled…They darenot do it to The Silver Surfers,because they have the power to ensure a Political Party never saw power again,or was even part of a coalition,if DVLA start mucking individuals about

Drastic maybe,but the stress of waiting for them to get it in one pile isn’t good for anybody.You appear to like driving Murray.Ever thought of South Wales as a destination?

Be lucky, Wb

They have definitely mixed you up with someone else. I started the process of renewing my 3 yr licence back in April and I am still waiting! They sent me for a medical back in august, doc said I was fine. Letter arrived two weeks ago saying they had all the info but it could take upto 12 weeks for a decision.