Dry Mouth


I take detrusitol (Toltrodine Tatrate 4mg capsules) twice a day, Baclofen 10 mg twice a day and Gabapentin 300 mg three times a day. One of them makes my mouth horribly dry,

Which is the culprit, I think its the detrusitol? Does anyone else suffer the same and have they got a reasonably efficient solution?. Having a drink of water temporarily fixes the problem, tea or coffee are of no help whatsoever. When trying to have a conversation I’m licking my teeth and lips so that I can speak.




Started to write a reply then realised it would not be of much use to you-duh! Silly me.

I do get a dry mouth but dont take any of the meds that u mention-I take Amytriptyline. A couple of weeks ago when I saw GP (not my usual one) she sugested taking it at 7pm rather than later-I had already sussed for myself that taking it at 10pm was no good and had taken it at 8pm for several months.

Would juggling about with the times be of benefit to you? Thats a guess as I have no knowledge of the drugs that you do take. Or what about things that stimulate saliva-lemon sweets spring to mind but there must be other things too. You are already drinking water so not sure what else to suggest. Hope someone comes along with a solution other than sweets for u! LOL

Ellie x

Hi Patrick,

I have a dry mouth too and take baclofen, amitriptyline and solifenacin so doesn’t help you as I think it’s

the solifenacin that causes dry mouth. I have a bottle of water within arms length 24/7!!

Have heard on this website of a mouth spray that might help -google it.Or chewing gum but don’t like it!

Dry mouths are not good for whistling!

Jen x

Hello Patrick,

I am on several meds, and I know that at least one of these leads to a dry mouth. If I have to go somewhere like the hospital where I have to respond to questions, I take sweets with me as I find these useful for wetting my whistle. The smallest ones (like Smints) can be hidden under the tongue, so there is no risk of looking rude.

Best Wishes,


Hi Patrick, Try Biotene from Boots, it comes as a mouthhwash, toothpaste, gel and a spray which you spray on your tongue. I can get only the mouthwash on perscription, but you maybe able to get the spray etc.It is a bit pricey, about £6 but realy does work, just spray before you go to sleep, and then during the night if you wake up. Boots also do their own brand n a spray bottle. take care. Barb

Hi Patrick,

It’s probably not but just in case ask your GP to do tests for Sjorgens Syndrome, see http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Sjogrens-syndrome/Pages/Introduction.aspx it can cause symptoms very similar to MS.


Pineapple…Fresh ,tinned or sweets.