Driving test

12 months after I notified D.V.L.A. of PPMS diagnosis I was sent for a driving test at the local test centre (only a practical no theory). I gained all straight As and examiner gave me a copy and one to D.V.L.A. I was then asked to send my license back and this was re-issued for 3 years.On receipt of new license I noted loss of D1(mini bus entitlement) and C1.Has anybody else had to take a test as nobody I know withM.S. has had to take one. Peter

I haven’t been asked to take a test again, although I also lost my minibus entitlement when I went to a 3 year licence. You can apply for it back I believe but it involves another medical.

Hello there,like Zedsee I never took my test again,but I think that when ANYBODY is issued with a licence since 199? it has very few entitlements apart from a car or something with a Gross Vehicle Weight of 3,500 kg. This is people passing their test or any kind of re-issue.I don’t know what C1 is but I imagine it is missing 'cos of the above.

I bet that if you wanted the mini bus or C1 you’d need some kind of assessment. I surrendered my licence last year 'cos I have no need for a car and couldn’t be rsed fighting with the good folk of Swansea.I can re-apply for my licence if needed,ie when the balls drop right.I don’t think any classic Aston Martin has a GVW of 3.5 ton.