Driving License needs renewing do i have to re declare MS ?

Hi All

My licences has expired so need to re-new. I declared my MS 12 years ago and as I’ve never been advised to tell them of the progression, that does not hamper driving i have never up-dated them. It is not clear online or in the paper work that you need to re declare. It does ask about needing automatic transmission. It asks about dates of relapses, but not what they consist of. I think let sleeping dogs lie. so to speak. I would like to know of othere experiences with this issue though.


Given that we’re legally required to tell the DVLA we have MS, I wouldn’t recommend letting the dogs sleep. I’d just give the DVLA a call if I were you, and they’ll be able to tell you what to do.


Hi Dan

when i was able to track the number i gave the DVLA a call. They are aware of my MS but an up-date is required but they din’t send the right form so that will be re-sent. Also, there is site out there that isn’t DVLa but looks it and costs around £1.30 a minute. Lesson of the day for me … always do not org. Helen

I told them and my insurance company when I first got MS I done a driving asscessment there was no problem I have a 3 year medical lience which I just renew every 3 years they just ask have there been any changes I tell them no and give them permission to contact my gp or neuro and thats it If you dont tell them and had an accident you wouldn’t have a leg to stand on

Sorry for the me too, but me too.
I have had my first renewal of the 3 year licence and they automatically wrote to my GP. He called me in for a chat about it.

Now I have been waiting months and months for my renewal form to be sent to me, but that is another matter.

You do need to make sure they know.



Hey Twinkle, Categorically cannot let sleeping dogs lie over this one. It is a legal requirement to tell DVLA. You could get into a lot of trouble if you unfortunately have an accident and you haven’t told. I hate only having a 3 year licence. But no problems obtaining it. My neuro I guess just has to complete a form to say he considers me safe to drive. Please do it Min xx

Hi Twinkle3, you say you told them about your ms 12 years ago. Do you have any paperwork to back you up that you have told them? It’s a long time since I told dvla but I kept the letter they sent me confirming that I told them. Do you have something like this? Anyway, I think if you have told them about your ms (which you says you have done) and the licence is just a standard renewal ( they need renewed every 10 years don’t they) and there has been no change in your condition that you need to tell them about, then I don’t think you would need to mention it, you’re just doing a Standard licence renewal, your ms isn’t involved in that. Cheryl:-)