Driving Assessment

I’ve just been reading the earlier post entitled Driving Licence, prompting me to write this post.

My Driving Licence is due to end in September this year and I recently received a letter from the ‘Scottish Driving Assessment Service’ which was apparently requested by my GP. (I wasn’t told by my GP that he’d done this).

I had to fill in a short questionaire, and am now waiting for a date for it to be carried out.

My ‘Hubby’ doesn’t think I should go back to driving (I had an accident a few years ago in which I hit Black Ice, careered through a farm fence and in to a muddy field, had to phone (thank goodness I had my mobile with me) my hubby for help 'cos after trying to walk out of the field, because the car was stuck fast in the mud, and I couldn’t (the mud was ankle deep)!

Then just a few weeks later we (our 8 or 9 yr old daughter and me) were on the way home after a shopping trip, were going round a corner in the road, and a Lorry coming the other way swung round the corner, hit my car snapping the wing-mirror completely off and badly scratching the whole side of the car. The car was a write-off. The lorry driver obviously was unaware that it had happened because he carried on up the road. There were a couple of witnesses (one of which got the lorry’s Registration and gave it to me) who said it was definitely the lorry driver’s fault, and I was definately on the proper side of the road and was just very unfortunate. I called the Police and reported the accident. To cut a long story short, the lorry and driver weren’t found so obviously weren’t charged.

My hubby obviously thinks those accidents were somehow my fault (it wouldn’t have happened if he were driving, conveniently forgetting the time he hit a Deer which crossed the road in front of his car and wrote it off, which wasn’t his fault! etc.) He thinks it’s a 'waste of time ‘cos I’ll never pass the assessment’ but say’s if I want to I can try, but there’s no way he’ll let our daughter go out with me driving (forgetting she’s my daughter too and if I thought she would be any danger I wouldn’t take her).

If the Assessors tell me I shouldn’t drive, I won’t be happy but won’t got back to driving.

Am I wrong to think like that?

Sorry this post has been so long but writing it helped me to get it off my chest.



what happened to you, could have happened to anyone BUT ,you know if you feel ‘safe’ enough to drive,

but i would have the assesment,even if only to prove that you are still fit to drive, if you choose to do so,

i dont drive anymore, because i dont feel safe enough to, my perceptions not as good as it was,and i was always a confident driver,and never had an accident,but i have lost my confidence to drive now, so leave it well alone,

my daughter takes her test next week, so i hope she passes,then she can taxi me about, like i used to taxi her about lol,

i did miss driving at 1st,the main reason i learnt to drive was because i can hardly walk, so it was so good it gave me back my independance,and now its been taken away for the 2nd time,but i have got used to it.

Good luck whatever happens.

jaki xx