doctor's assesment for driving cars


I recently got pulled over by a police car for driving erratically. They have referred me to DVLA, who have in turn instructed me to get assessed by my gp within 28 days.

Anyone know what such an assessment entails? I’m guessing its to do with testing my reactions.

Guessing it would also include checking your sight.

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This seems abrupt and I’m sorry if it appears so but why were you driving erratically?

Jan x


i am a bit confused-why were you driving if you werent fit to do so? i find it hard to understand that u werent aware that ur driving was erratic.

sorry but can only guess they will u check you over thoroughly(mentally and physically) for your own sake and that of other road users.


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didn’t realise the police had those powers.

What happens if you don’t go to the doctors

I had just come out of the gym so it must have contributed. I didn’t realise i was driving erratically otherwise I would not have driven, but the policeman was of the opinion that ni was. As soon as he realised that I wasn’t drink driving he was quite understanding. He did mention that the doctor will not be assessing my eyes but rather my reactions will be assessed. I’m just wondering whether any1 else has had an assessment and what else will be assessed.

Oh and thankfully I have told DVLA about my MS

hi again

i dunno what happens in such an assessment.

i suspect its to ensure u r fit to be behind the wheel.

from what u say i dont think u have owt to fear-sounds routine to me.

hope all goes as u want.



It maybe a good idea in future to sit and have a cuppa/snack before leaving the gym…help raise your sugar levels.

Good luck at docs


I might be talking out of the other end of my intestinal tract ,but the GP may send you to the local driver assessment unit where they may use a computer set up.I believe this consists of normal car controls and a screen which makes you ‘drive’ through various traffic scenarios.Everything you do is recorded and can be assessed by the staff.

Good luck, Wb

Hi- a quick update.

I had my medical examination with my GP. It was routine. My memory, reactions, ability to process info, eyesight & the power / co-ordination in my limbs were all tested. Its was very thorough.

my concern is that my gp said that a full report will be sent to dvla including how i am wobbly when i walk. I dont understand how that is relevant to my driving ability? The GP said he needs to inform the dvla of the full facts including how the co-ordination in my legs isn’t 100%.

i feel it sounds much worse than what the reality of my symptoms are. I am worried that the dvla will rescind my driving license. If so, there must be a body whom i can appeal to. I have recently returned to work & i need my car to drive to work.

I can’t see how having a wobbly gait when walking, should affect your ability to drive. After all, there are thousands of drivers who do so because they have a mobility problem!


I went for an assessment at a nhs run driving assessment centre (there are several dotted around the country, mine was incorporated with a small hospital). I went there myself so did not have an actual referral, because I could feel that I was struggling to control manual car, as legs were not great.

they were very helpful, asked lots of questions, did normal vision tests et , then lots of physical responses etc. lifting legs, feet, arms, twisting etc, which all seemed perfectly reasonable assume you need to do all these when driving a car.

the result was that I needed a new automatic car, with hand control adjustments, which we got sorted. I am safe now, and it feel better driving my kids about etc. I am still independent and that means so much more than having to have an adapted car.

i think the costs of the assessment was free, you get a big report with findings and recommendations, all of which I took on board, and I passed a copy to DVLA. It was recommended that I have a few lessons (more familiarisation than lesson, to get used too using adaptions), which did cost.

If you qualify for motability scheme (currently high rate DLA, not sure about PIP), and get your car through them then most adaptions can be sorted, you would need to speak to them. Otherwise cost of adaptions I think in region of £800 (guess it depends what’s needed) but you need automatic transmission often, so may need to replace car.

Feels like a lot of fuss, but i took the attitude that I’d rather be safe and legal, as didn’t want to harm kids, other road users etc. apart from a lot of paperwork to DVLA etc all parties seemed satisfied provided you were a safe driver. Tell insurance company also, although think they’re happy if DVLA happy.

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