Driving again

I started driving again yesterday, I’ve been getting chauffeured around by my husband for the last 3 years. We got a motorbility car 3 years ago that was big enough to carry my electric wheelchair, but it was very wide and I couldn’t judge how far away I was from kerbs, walls etc and I lost my confidence. Well a month ago we changed the car and although this one can carry my wheelchair and has a hoist in the boot, it is not as wide as the last car. Yesterday I decided to drive us to the pub and I did OK. I use hand controls and I hadn’t forgotten how to use them, the car is a nice size for me and I managed to park it without any problems. My husband is happy now as he can have a drink when we go out and I’ve got a bit independance back even if I don’t go anywhere on my own.

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Really pleased to read your positive story about driving you husband about and having your independence back. Well done Bertie

Well done for driving again! Mx