dreading the warm weather - sad but true

So the forecast is for a full on heatwave this weekend and coming week, should be good news, but I know it’s just gonna play havoc with my symptoms . i’ve never been much of a sun worshipper, most of my adult life i have found hot weather uncomfortable, but now even just a few minutes in warm sun sets off pins and needles and my vertigo and confusion gets out of control. Such a shame, would love to spend the weekend getting a tan and having BBQs etc, instead will have to stay indoors with the fan, of what fun (not). Does anyone here get prescribed any meds that help with vertigo and confusion? i don’t have a dx yet but think i’m going to have to push my GP into letting me have something to help, can’t just put up with this anymore. xx

I was pescribed stemitil (sp?) when it was thought i had labryinthitis and had vertigo. Not sure it made much difference for me, but unbeknown to me at the time i was at the start of a ‘knock you on your arse’ relapse. If it’s affecting your day to day life then your GP should be able to give you it or something similar. If they are less than helpful, maybe a change of GP could help?

Staying inside isn’t much fun, but at least any chocolate/ice cream you might be eating won’t melt! Got to look for the positives!

Hope you can get something to help you feel better soon,

Laura x

I agree Bunnythecat - I’m dreading this hot weather too. It affects my legs so badly, so that I can barely walk! Roll on lower temperatures again! Sorry, I don’t mean to be a moaning Minnie! Teresa xx

I was also given stemetil for vertigo which did help.

Hi Bunnythecat. I know exactly how you feel.

I find that a hot water bottle half filled with water and put in the freezer really helps.

And lots of fans!!!

Hope this helps.

Shazzie xxxx

I dread the heat too. I feel so worn out, lethargic and just plain past it. It’s one of those nasty hidden symptoms that people just don’t understand how awful it feels. I put ice gel packs wrapped in a tea towel on the back of my neck to help. When I’m in the car the air con is set to stun! Sara x

What’s really annoying is when the weather presenter announces, with a big cheesy grin, that it’s going to be hot and sunny and we should all be happy about it. They really have no idea of the problems that this type of weather can cause some people.

Know how you feel, I used to love the sun but it just drains all my energy now. I have a massive great umbrella in the garden which I love to sit under and it’s positioned so any breeze will blow right at me which is a relief.

I’ve put the swing in the shade and have been lying on it enjoying the breeze. Heaven. Able to enjoy the sunshine and birds in a cool corner of the garden I’ve worked so hard to make over the years.

Hi… I lower the blinds, put on the fan, wear a kaftan with nowt underneath… and read or watch movies. You won’t catch me going out in it.

It is a shame as I used to love hot weather.

IF you have to go out in it, wear a hat and stay in the shade as much as possible.

Don’t have a cold shower or you’ll get even hotter half hour later… tepid shower is better.

Stay cool out there people…

Pat x

Phew! It is hot. I don’t think I would even wear a kaftan Pat. LOL!


here am i sitting in my home at the coolest part I am going down south for a few days( i live in scotland) and the temperature is 25 degrees would love it to be a little lower and then maybe my legs will work doesnt is sound mad