Vertigo on the hotest day of the year so far

It has been a nightmare week having severe vertigo on waking on Tuesday I spent 2 days vomiting (I claim the International prize for projectile vomiting). Not being able to drink over the hotest period this year and for many years, it has taken another two days of trying to get fluid down and keeping it down. Yesterday I manged to start eating again but felt truely awful, possibly because no drugs since Monday and the effect on my kidneys and bladder. I did have a small meal yesterday and have had breakfast today, I did enjoy i. But the best is that I have had a decent wee without pain - hurrah. I had anti sickness pills in the house even so it took time for these to kick in but I would like to say how important it has been to have rehydraition medication which my hubby picked up from the chemist. I would like to recommend that if you live alone it is worth having a anti-sickness pills and rehydraition tablets in stock. I cannot imaging how I would have got through this week without support from Brian and friends. Not the best way to lose a few pounds…

hi moira

that sounds truly awful for you.

i love sunny days but that heat has been terrible.

i normally drink lots of water but for some reason i havent been able to drink much.

i really should get some rehydration tabs

carole x

For some reason just drinking is hard for me. I am acidic so end up having to sip regularly but sometimes Brian has to prompt me as I forget. Having been ill I now have an opportunity to be a bit stricter with diet and hope to exclude sugar as much as possible. Just finishing my last rehydration drink (not keen on the flavour - but needs must), I hope for sometime - fingers crossed. I would like to enjoy the next lot of sunny weather but I think it will involve ice packs being strapped around my middle as I don’t think I could endure episode this summer.