Dr hacked into hospital MRI results for me lol

I know I shouldnt have asked him but he said “Oohh I’ll have a look if I can access the MRI results here”… not really hacking but anyway.

He said “Oh, hmm… it says they found no tumors (good because I’ve had one before) and no damage to blood vessels and… no demyelination of nerves”

So… it’s NOT MS then? He was sure it was as I have ON and brisk reflexes and all the numbness, pins and needles and other stuff going on.

I see the actual Neuro on the 4th June. If it isn’t MS (which is cant be I guess) then will they chuck me back to the GP and I have to start again trying to look for what it is or will they keep me and try to find what’s wrong?

I’m half releived and half p!ssed off as I was hoping we had the answer to my crappy body issues… but now it seems I’m back to square one!

oh the reason I was at the GP was to get some cream for my Rosacea … never even knew one could get cream for it!!

Hi mama owl, Hope all goes well at the neuro, Can I ask what cream did the dr prescribe for your rosacea? Mine told me to use canesten and it made me break out. I’m currently using dermalex rosacea cream but it’s expensive for the amount you get tho it does work. Michelle x

Michelle, I believe they px a form of anti-biotic - Metronidazole, though there are a few other creams also px’d. THey can also px low-dose anti-biotics to take, depending on type and severity. There is a new cream called Mirvaso available with px that seems to be very helpful at reducing redness.

I had laser therapy about 10 years ago and found it excellent at reducing redness and clearing capillaries. I would like to have a top up some time in the future as only now some of my symptoms are returning.

Hi… I have Rozex which is 0.75% Metronidazole…

I’m not thinking with no lesions and the fact I have what the GP thinks is Rosacea AND I have Raynauds… I may in fact have Lupus? It likes to mimic MS… So now I will have to see if I can convince the Neuro to refer me to a Rhumo!!

Sorry that should say NOW thinking instead of NOT… stupid forum wont allow us to edit posts!

NOW thinking instead of NOT thinking… forum wont let us edit posts…

“Your comment has been queued for moderation by site administrators and will be published after approval.”

Why am I back on moderation? What have I done? Or is it because I ‘think’ I dont have MS. Am I not allowed to post here any more

I’m thinking MamaOwl, you should wait until you see Neuro on the 4th and see what he has to say

Of course your allowed to post here…I can see you Lol