Doubts about vaccinations

Hello everyone,
I am posting here to ask about the Corona COVID-19 vaccination options. I have read online that the vaccine is considered safe for MS patients but my doctor said today otherwise as the side effects are bad. Had this been everyone’s experience? If so, what vaccine did you get? Any feedback would be helpful! Thanks!

hi sue103. so where does your doctor live in a cave? the after affects are clearly documented. if you are not imunsuppressed you should be fine, however, saying that everyone is different when having it.

my first one i just had an achey arm (AZ), I have my second one today will let you know how it goes. there are quite a few threads on the subject most people seem to have faired well.

can i just say its not Corona COVID-19. Its SARS-2-COV19. SARS is a deadly virus that kills. I would rather risk the vaccine then the aftermath of SARS to be honest, it kills indiscriminatley any age (look at india 20 year olds are dying now), brazil many sick very sick children and as from 14 april 1300 babies have died.

so for me any small chance of a side affect has to be worth it rather then full blown SARS.

Like i said everyone is different you have to make your choice but do the reading first. everyone i know has had the vaccine. i live in sheltered now all of us today will have had second vaccine, the ones i have spoken too have had little or no side effects.

Your doctor well i have no words. If your not sure MS society can advise you. x


Hi Sue, I’ve have both my injections now - the Astra Zenica. After the first one I was bed bound for 10 days feeling really ill but I thought at least my immune system is working. After my 2nd one I was ill for 3 days both times with headaches, fever and generally feeling ill. But now I’m back to being OK. It has made no difference to my MS I’m still in a wheelchair and have never been offered DMDs. I cannot understand this GP whom could be putting your life at risk by advising you not to have it unless he/she knows something more than the scientific community does. There are side effects to any injection but not having them means you are at risk to more serious forms of the disease. Hope this helps x


This is from the Barts Blog.

"The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and we don’t have any reason to suspect the vaccines have any effect on your MS in the long term. Apart from transient worsening of symptoms, which are reversible, in response to the flu-like symptoms from the vaccine pwMS seem to be tolerating the vaccine without any problems. The latter is more common in patients with advanced disability and can be managed with prophylactic paracetamol and/or ibuprofen. "
Stay calm and get vaccinated – Multiple Sclerosis Research Blog (


Hi Sue,
I’ve recently had my second vaccination (AtraZeneca)
After the first I had an achey arm, shivers & headache. (Lasted a day or two)
After the second I didn’t have anything other than my arm was a bit achey & sore where I had the vaccination.
Hasn’t affected my MS, but all are different.
Either side of the covid vaccination, I was having my plegridy injection too.
Hope you’ll be ok.

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Hi! I’ve got PPMS. Received first Pfizer jab with just slight achy arm. Second jab next week. Many GPs aren’t knowledgeable about MS. If you require peace of mind speak to your MS team.


Hi Sue
I had an ache in arm and frozen shoulder after 1st AZ vaccine. The right side of my face went numb also. I submitted a yellow card but after 2nd jag was OK and didn’t really have any issues

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Hello Crazy_Chick,
Thank you for the affirmation. Glad it went well for you. Fingers crossed for me as well. I have no words for my doctor -even after the texted me the following day saying that they had a panel discussion of some sort abd changed their mind :eyes:

Hello Theorising,
I am sorry to hear that your body reacted badly but at least you are on the safe side now! :slight_smile:
I would like to add that my doctor texted me the following day to tell me that they had a discussion of some sort and that they agreed that it’s okay. That totally enforced my faith in the health system in this place :woozy_face:

Hello TLC1104,
Overall that sounds great! I’m glad it didn’t affect anything. Congrats on the vaccine -I’m quite looking forward to it!

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Hello CraftyCrofter,
Welcome to the community! :slight_smile: that doesn’t sound so bad so it’s quite encouraging. Thank you

Hope all goes ok for you too.

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Thank you so much, Whammel!! Really appreciate it! :blush:

Oh this WAS my Nuerologist! :grimacing: she texted me the following day though and informed me that they changed their minds and that they actually think I should get the vaccine…
Good luck with the second jab! :slight_smile:

Second vaccine now done. I left it until today to report. I had it Wednesday. so far so good. no side effects.

AZ is based on a protocol which has been used before, and was modified to seek the spike protein of SARS (covid), which it is doing. for some reason the media have made a lot about its side affects but if you do the research did you know there were more with pfizer?

all i can tell you is it will protect you from SARS which you dont want to get.


Hi Sue103 ok i gave it five days to report back fully.

the nurse came to the house as i am deemed housebound. she was very quick and i never felt it.

so no achey arm which is a bonus
next day i felt slight neusea and a very mild headache.
no temp

that was it. Now the nausea etc could have been stress lol.

Now my friend had second pfizer. first time nothing, second time really achey arm next day and yesterday she was very tired and achey but not seriously so. she still made sunday dinner and potted about. she is just a big younger then me, has arthritis.

so that is how mine went. AZ.

I felt good actually almost relieved that at least now more doors will be open for me, and i felt safer too.


Hi, Sue.
I had my first jab (Pfizer) on the 26/02/2021 and the second one (Pfizer) on the 12/05/2021. I had no side effects, no problems, felt absolutely normal. Just a slight pain in the arm ( caused by the needle) .
Take care x .

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Congratulations! :tada: I hope I can say the same soon!

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CONGRATULATIONS, Crazy_chick!! :partying_face:Indeed AZ received a lot of negative feedback that I dr used against it -and it’s like you read my mind! I am thinking of getting Pfizer. Of course that is my personal preference in theory but I was told that (1) I don’t have the right to choose and (2) I am waiting for my doctor’s recommendation…

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I had my second Astra Zeneca a week ago. After both the first and the second my fatigue levels were greatly exacerbated. I was suffering quite severe fatigue before the vaccine. It’s impossible to say how long the vaccine driven fatigue persisted after the first one, but really severe fatigue went on for weeks. Was just reducing a little before the second one. After this second one, whoomph with the fatigue, and the increased fatigue has gone on for the full week so far.

Saw a new neurologist today (I’m still trying to get a diagnosis). I mentioned the increase in fatigue after both jabs just as an aside. This neurologist thought that the increase in fatigue due to the vaccine was significant - might be a pointer to the cause of my neurological problems though obviously the vaccine itself was not the cause of my neurological problems (they go back 40 years). It certainly came as no surprise to him though.

Like MS where everyone is different, it seems reactions to the Covid vaccines are not predictable either.

If I’d known how they would have affected me, I’d still have them. The risks of Covid are so much greater. No telling whether a dose of the real Covid would have been merely a sniffle or a hospital case for me, or led to long-Covid.

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