Post-Vaccine symptoms

Hi all,
I have secondary progressive MS.
I had the A-Z vaccine on March 5th. I spent 2 days on the sofa barely able to walk but was up on my feet on day 3. However, my mobility is significantly worse, I did not recover to the same mobility level as before the jab
Has anyone else had similar reactions? I am very nervous about having the second vaccine and the MS clinic had not heard of this before.
Thanks for your time

Hi there, I have RRMS. I had the AZ jab about 4 weeks ago with no side effects at all.
I also take Tecfidera.
Hope all goes well for you, the benefits really do trump the risks imo.

The second jab is supposed to be much milder, if that’s any consolation.
I hope you fully recover soon.

" The most frequently reported adverse reactions in these trials were injection-site tenderness, injection-site pain, headache, fatigue, myalgia, malaise, pyrexia (fever), chills, arthralgia, and nausea; these were each reported in more than 1 in 10 people. The majority of adverse reactions were mild to moderate in severity and usually resolved within a few days of vaccination. Adverse reactions reported after the second dose were milder and reported less frequently than after the first dose."
Coronavirus vaccine - weekly summary of Yellow Card reporting - GOV.UK (

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Thanks for the replies, much appreciated

Hi I also have SPMS and I had the Pfizer jab, with no side effects at all. However Research has shown those getting the AV jab more likely to suffer side effects on the first jab and it is the other way round for the Pfizer. So you should be ok this time round. Also the symptoms are a lot more severe if you have had the virus.

I have PPMS diagnosed 15 years ago. I had my first Astra Zeneca jab on 25th Feb. Four hours later I’d no strength and no energy. I can weight bear to transfer, but just couldn’t get up at all. My poor long suffering husband had to do a lot of lifting. I’d picked up over the next few days, but don’t feel I’m back to where I was, despite being very diligent about exercising. Coincidence or the jab? I don’t know, but I’ve never had anything so sudden before. We’ll see what happens on Friday when I have the second one.

Thank you for your reply.
Since my original message my GP has reported the result using the yellow card process.

I am concerned by your message that you too have not fully recovered. I am very concerned about myself because I’m afraid that in time the vaccine will prevent me from walking. There will be a booster annually so the issue is far from over.

I’m not going to have my second vaccine. I need the last remaining power in my legs

@Flowerpot following on from my last message, would you post again after you’ve had your second vaccine? I’d be interested to know how you feel after that one. You never know I may change my mind again if you have a more positive experience.
Thanks a million

Of course I will. Take care

Thank you, good luck!

Not had my jab, and no intentions of getting it either. None have been signed off, and they’re a trial until 2023…