Double vision. Eyepatch?

I have had problems with double vision for a long time (“slow” left eye that is slow to focus and general nystagmus). I have had prisms in my glasses for ages and they help a lot but over the past few weeks the double vision has become impossible - I can’t focus properly on a computer screen and even watching TV is a real struggle. Covering one eye seems to help a bit so I have been thinking of wearing an eye patch for some things. Anybody else done this?

And before anybody does, I will deduct points for any pirate jokes. Yes, Mr Alrecht Durer, I am talking to you. (Just in case you couldn’t see where I was looking :relaxed:)

Hi Boblatina,

Ive done this. I had double vision caused by some medication I was on. I’d have a few hours every day where my vision would be double and would often dance about. Went on for a couple of years until I was able to reduce the meds a bit.

I found the patch worked and it didn’t matter which eye I wore it on. Wearing it out and about was a bit daunting but it was better than the double vision.

I’d say if it helps, go for it.


Hiya. When I had double vision they gave me a patch to wear. It was a plastic one that you stuck on with tape and put a pad of cotton stuff under. I ended up swapping it for an old black ‘pirate’ patch that my dad had as it was more comfortable and didn’t let the light in as much. It was worth funny looks and kids shouting pirate at me!

I think you can buy the plastic ones at a chemist so it’s worth trying so see if it makes things easier for you.


Hi Bob,

Funny you should mention that.

When I had optic neuritis our grandchildren came to stay for the weekend and I was wearing an eye-patch because my brain was getting conflicting messages. I was prepared to avoid the pointless questions that small people ask in such situations.

I dug out a Jolly Roger and draped it over the fire place. I drew Treasure Maps, complete with tea stains to simulate old paper and rolled them up into a screw-capped cigar tubes and we played pirates all weekend.

They went home none the wiser.


(the “b” is not optional, but perhaps you can’t see your own writing).

Thanks for the replies everybody. Think I will give it a try - the patches aren’t too expensive on Amazon. You never know, if I need to wear it for a while, I might get creative with the sequins to bling it up!

Sorry about the missing “b” Mr Durer - a combination of squinting at the screen and fat fingers. Or should I be apologising to Cap’n Black-Jake Albrecht? (not an emoji - just thought you would like a self portrait of me typing)

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When I had ON, the best and only way not to see double was with an eye patch. You can get some jazzy sparkly and coloured ones now which I was thinking of getting if it comes back again. IV steroids helped to speed the recovery process. Have fun shopping.

Eyepatches work, Boblatina, but before you spend any cash …

1 - It could be that the prism lenses you have are not powerful enough.

2 - Get a lump of clear plastic from some packaging (think celluloid here).
Cut out a piece the same size as one side of your glasses.
Scuff it all over with a piece of sandpaper end tape it onto your glasses.
This will act just like a black patch (Ahoy, Matey), but will mean that each eye gets the same amount of light.
This avoids problems from one set of muscles trying to react to changes in the light, and the other set in darkness.