Double vision. Bye, bye.


After many years of double vision. It’s been cracked!

The double vision happens when I use both eyes and gets much worse when fatigued and stressed. The last few years I have been wearing a pirate’s eye patch when watching TV and talking to people. I have asked for advice and help when I lived in South Yorkshire but nothing could be done. Until…

For various reasons I moved back to the Wirral and chased a small piece of paper that mentioned ophthalmologists at the Walton Centre. After a few months of appointments and Botox in the eye. A hero mirical surgeon operated on my eye in Aintree.

Now…no double vision. Gosh! Unbelievable! Wow! Eye patches are now in the draw to gather dust. HURRAY!

For all the ‘eye patch wearers’ out there. Sometimes there is hope and a reversal. Do not give up and seek out an ophthalmologists.

Now to start work on other symptoms.


P.S. I wonder if I should change my avatar now that I no longer need my patch?

That is really encouraging to read. I suffer in the same way. I live in the southwest and no one wants to know about my wonky eyes. Don’t know how I feel about botox in the eye!!! but if it worked I think I could be sedated into it!!


I’m going to look into that (excuse pun!)

Pat x

That`s great news! Yeh, choose a new avatar as you say.

luv Pollx