Double bad news !!!!

Hi all, After having relapsing remitting for ten years the dreaded new diagnosis was confirmed last Friday ! Yes I deffinately have secondary progressive so have spent the weekend crying and the past couple of days feeling numb!! Then to make matters worse my ms clinic is moving from 15 mins away to a hospital at the other end of town over an hour away!!! Wasn’t till last night I remembered they said its the Ann Rowling building, then it sank in yes it’s our wonderful benefactors mum ( jk Rowling)!!! Scared of the unknown, but hope its not as bad as I fear, Xx

Hi, aw sorry you`re having to wade through this new quagmire of MS hun.

There are many on here who have SPMS and im sure theyll be along soon to support you.

Are you able to get any meds to reduce/slow problems? I hope so.

luv Pollx

its just a label,i sort of worked out that i had moved on to when the ms specialist said i had, it didnt come as such a big shock, but i am spms with relapses which isnt the norm, relapses normally stop when you go onto spms,mine have just got worse,they last longer now too, i used to get over them in 4 months, now it takes me 6 months and more.

So sorry to hear your news & that you still have to endure relapses. You must be my neck of the woods if you’ll be seen at the Ann Rowling building. Hope it’s not the WGH clinic moving. I’m at their clinic Monday so will see what’s said. Take care of yourself.

Please try not to worry. Easier said than done I know. I went on to be sp six years ago. The only difference that it has made to me is that my symptoms are constant instead of coming and going. They are under control and I have got no worse since then. Everybody is different I know but I am hoping that mine continues to progress slowly.