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I have been given a appointment to have a Doppler scan on my legs from my neurologist . What can this scan be for ?

This seems very odd for MS, as it is to measure blood flow. A neurologist wouldn’t usually be dealing with suspected circulatory issues, as it’s a different type of problem.

There has been a controversial theory about MS being caused by a restriction in the blood flow of the neck, and some people had doppler scans of the neck as part of that research. However, scanning of the legs seems quite unrelated to that theory, and very unusual. You shouldn’t really be having tests without understanding what they’re for (not that it will harm you or anything).

Can you ring his secretary and ask for clarification of what the test is about? Or maybe your GP will be able to explain? It seems odd to order a test without explaining why.


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Thank you Tina , I was thinking much the same . I will ring the office and ask them as to why I’m being asked to attend.

There’s always the possibility it was a mistake, so it’s worth checking!

I think someone here was asked to attend for something to do with Lucentis, which is for macular degeneration - nothing to do with MS.

When they queried it, they found out it was a clerical error! So if it’s not something that was discussed with you, and you’re not sure why you’re going, it’s always worth a call to check.



i recently had doppler scan on my foot. the circulation is poor causing colour and temperature change. it was my chiropodist that carried out scan-nothing to due with neuro.

if no change in ur extremities then i am a bit confused too…

look forward to hearing explaination you are given for it in the first place.


Doppler is harmless. the only risk is a waste of your time. i would get it anyway… you never know, you might get lucky and they find something before it becomes an issue. do you have mobility issues and they are seeking out potential DVTs?

i got it done on my neck back in the early days of getting a diagnosis; they just wanted to rule out a stroke due to some of my relapse symptoms. they found nothing and my having a young student nurse massage gloop into my neck for 40 minutes wasn’t so bad.


I was once sent an appointment to have some kind of bone injection. I rang the hospital to be told it was a treatment for osteoporosis, which I certainly don’t have.

I was awaiting an appointment for a Lumbar Puncture, so yes, mistakes can happen.

Pick up the 'phone and check, it only takes a minute.


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A Doppler scan is to check on blood flow.They put a dob of gel on the area to be scanned and use ultrasound from the hand held scanner to monitor the blood flow.Images are watched on a screen by the nurse conducting the scan and they can tell what is happening.The TV picture can be in colour with the blood flow represented in blue and red or in miserable grey.The trained eye of the nurse can tell from either what is happening.The results are collated immediatley and a report produced,


I am just wondering. Was the neurologist examining your foot reflexes? It’s possible he may have noticed a potential issue regards circulation. If so, then he really should have shared his concerns with you.

You won’t know until you ask the question.

Good luck, I hope it get sorted for you.


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