The outside door that I use to go into and out of the office has a push bar all the way along it (a bit like what a fire door has), I always need to hold on to something so when I’m at the door I hold on to the bar but if it’s been raining the bar gets wet and slippery. Anyway when I was leaving the office yesterday,there was a joiner working at the door, he had to move all his tools to let me out, lol, although he didn’t seem to mind. Anyway when i arrived today he had installed a little handle on to the bar so now I can get a proper grip. I had said it got a bit slippery when it was wet but hadn’t asked for anything to be done so a nice surprise for me today. This should just make it a bit safer. Thank you. Cheryl:-)

See there are some nice peolpe in the world…and the sun is out… I may have a chilled lager so its the full three.

Or even people…and thats before the lager!

What a thoughtful thing to do for you.