don`t look at the clock

Afternoon all.

Now I`ve decided to do this as a new post, in the hope it will help some of you who are having sleep problems. I have replied to the poster who initiated the subject.

When I was on ldn, about 3 years ago, my sleep was severly disrupted…waking every 2 hours, feeling like it was time to get up.

It went on for a long time.

And sometimes, not too often now, I do the waking every 2 hours or so. But I think I have found the solution. Now, i`m not saying it has 100% success, but any benefit is worth it, eh?

My suggestion is not to look at the clock when you wake in the night.

I stopped doing this and it really does seem to help. if I look at the clock, i think, Oh no..Ive only slept for… hours!`

Give it a go, yeh?

luv Pollx

Polly - you’re absolutely right! I used to go through phases of sleeping badly when I was worrying about stuff and found that it really helped NOT knowing what the time was or how long I’d been awake. Otherwise it stressed me even more and made it even harder to sleep.


Hi Val, so pleased it worked for you too. Hope it helps others.

luv Pollx

I am on LDN too and always wake a few times a night, first time usually about 1.00 a.m. It used to upset me but like you I don’t look at the clock any more. Weighing it up I think the LDN helps and I would rather stay on it and hope sleeping will get better. I rest during the day and am reading a bit now during wakening time. Stay in touch.

I know I have had this issue :-


Oh, the image didn’t appear.

It should have shown a pie chart labelled “Time spent when you can’t sleep” with about 5% “Trying to fall asleep”

and the other 95% “Calculating the exact amount of sleep you’ll get if you fall asleep right now”


Hi Sandy, thanks for your reply.

Well if the LDN gives you worthwhile benefits, it is probably best to stay on it. I do hope the sleeping improves.

luv Pollx