Does this sound like MS symptoms?

Hi all,

I’m still waiting to get diagnosed.

Does anyone else have these symptoms;

  • left arm and leg pins and needles
  • sharp pains down back when pending neck (although this has gone)
  • left arm goes dead. Takes longer to get back to normal (1-2 hours. Only happened once)
  • lower back pain (on/off)
  • cold legs. On colder months, struggle to walk
  • pain around ear (this could be unrelated and maybe due to TNJ)

There is also some tiny inflammatory lesions in brain and neck and ‘maybe’ could be related to MS. But more tests are needed.

Lumbar Puncture booked next and more MRIs.

Good to know if it’s in that direction or completely unrelated. But definitely think there’s some neurological issues.

I’m even thinking having mild covid may be the initial cause (No MS history in family).


yes to the pins and needles and numbness in arms,that was one of my very first ms symptoms.
Also had the pains in neck when looking down,it’s called Lhermitte’s sign.
Very common with ms.

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If there is such a thing as twinning in medical terms then that’s what we are. I’m slightly ahead of you in that I’ve had my lumbar puncture and second MRI. I hope you have some answers soon. I’ve said this before but expect the unexpected MS is hard to diagnose and there could be other conditions that are similar to MS in their presentation. :blush:

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Thanks. Fingers crossed and GL too.