does this sound like ms?(bowels)

hello all.

i have two questions that i would like help with please. Does anyone suffer from :

i have a problem with bowel movements in as much as it takes me a long time to empty, im not constipated but it feels like my muscles aren’t strong enough to push it out and it takes some doing (sorry but need to explain as best i can) i do have muscle weakness in both arms and legs so is it possible to have this kind of muscle weakness related to bowels ? its usually bowel urgency i get but this has changed over the last couple of months.

also, im getting a lot of joint pain after walking or even just carrying a light shopping bag. this happens all the time and if i push myself too far its accompanied with shaking of the relevant limb.

do any of you get this or is it something else entirely?

im still not diagnosed so need to be looking at other reasons for the symptoms apart from ms as i dont want to think of ms and nothing else. if it is typical of ms thats fine though (hope that makes sense)

hopefully some of you will know what i mean.

many thanks in advance.

mandy xxx


I have trouble in the bowel department as the muscles do indeed not work efficiently. I go from being constipated to being incontinent from time to time. Ive since been diagnosed as having IBS and take Colefac for it.

As for the joints being painful, your muscles are complaining either through delayed messages or having to use strength when they arent strong. Shaking means your exhausted and experiencing muscle fatigue.

I would definitely seek medical advice as I suffer both of these symptoms and are diagnosed with ms.

Best wishes


hi anon

thank you very much for replying so quickly. i am going to gp in the morning so i will try and remember to mention it.

its just that i feel guilty if i go to him with 4 different problems i dont know why.

that ought to be my new years resolution to be more assertive, i wish

thank you again

mandy xxx

Weak muscles causing “pushing problems” does happen in MS, but it also happens in quite a lot of neurological and neuromuscular conditions - so it’s definitely not unique to MS. I think the normal solution is to take movicol (or equivalent) to soften the stools so they are easier to pass.

Shaking limbs can be because of muscle fatigue and/or pushing them beyond their comfort levels. (I used to train a lot and my coach always used to tell me that if he could see someone’s muscles shaking, he knew they were working hard.) If the muscles are weak and/or tired, they won’t be supporting the joints properly which could cause joint pain, but whether or not this is an MS thing, I really can’t tell you. I certainly wouldn’t think it was unique to MS though. A neurophysio should be able to help - your GP can refer you.

Hth! Go be brave and stand your ground :slight_smile:

Karen x

hi karen

thank you very much for your response, always valued

my stools are not hard so dont think i need anything to soften but will ask gp anyway.

i will. i will be assertive omg need to do a 100 lines of that to see if it works

will let you know how i get on but if i let myself down i may just go bury my head in the sand somewhere.


you all give me some strength and for that i think you are all wonderful.

thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx