Does this sound familiar?

The last three days I been finding it difficult to do much without feeling so fatigued I need to lie down and rest. It is especially worse today, I am unable to stay on my feet for more than ten minutes and that in itself is a struggle. My main symptoms at present are extreme weakness in legs, tremors/shakes, arms ache so much when trying to do anything and extreme fatigue. As I am still undiagnosed I do not know what to think or do. Could this possibly be a possible relapse? Thank you all in advance. x

I would guess that it might be a relapse or it could be that you have an infection or virus that is making things worse. It would be sensible to see your GP and, while you’re there, get checked for a urinary tract infection (UTI) - they can occur without any obvious signs and can play havoc with neurological symptoms.

Apart from that, rest lots and hopefully it will pass soon.

Karen x