Should I be worried?

Hi, I am undiagnosed. After seeing a neurologist in December & a clear brain/cervical spine MRI I was diagnosed with ‘generalised anxiety disorder’. My main symptoms are tingly/buzzy legs, dizziness, muscle twitching, feeling off balance & tremor in hands. I am awaiting CBT (1st session next week) I have a good few weeks…although I still getting twitching/buzzing, I was feeling a bit better & even learned to ride a bike! (I never had a bike as a child). However since Monday my legs are feeling like jelly, my left foot is very tingly & it feels like my lower back is swirling (weird I know). I keep having to hold onto something & i cant stand straight easily. when I walk & I feel really strange. It’s made working very difficult. Does this sound like a relapse?? I’ve held off going to my GP as now that I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety they are not that interested. I have decided I will go on Monday if things don’t improve as I can’t go through another week like this… Thank you Ash

If it were MS or an organic neurological diagnosis, I would say that a sudden change in symptoms could be a new attack or it could be a side effect of a virus or infection, but I don’t know if the same applies to a GAD (if you think that is an accurate diagnosis). It might be worth checking that you don’t have an asymptomatic UTI - they can occur without any of the normal signs and can play havoc with neurological symptoms. If you do, I would imagine that this is something that the neuro should know about (ie a pseudo relapse from a UTI). I would see my GP if I were you. It might be because of the stress of the up and coming CBT appointment, but there might be something else going on. Karen x

Thanks Karen, I’ll book an appointment for Monday. I am not even anxious about anything in life at the moment (I can’t wait for the CBT!) & doing my best to get on with things but then something like this happens & you go right back to rock bottom :frowning: Thank you again x

Hi, could it be vertigo?

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