Does the medication work.

Hi , I am not dx yet , awaiting scan. Been off work for six months and now on half pay so desperate to get back to work . But staff health don’t think I should return Untill properly better. Suffering with tiredness , wlking difficulties and stiff legs, painful feet and hands and other dx depending on degree of tiredness . Hopefully whatever the outcome is ms or not do the drugs work and relieve the symptoms so I can get back to work and provide for my family which is really worrying me at moment. Pete

Sorry for grammer and spelling usuing phone. I also meant sx not dx . Cheers Pete

I couldnt tell you about med other than I am on Amantadine, twice a morning which helps with my fatigue, I still feel pain and awful lot and I can still get really tied of an evening but it helps during a working day anyway.

I think you should wait regarding work, If i remember rightly dont you work at a hospital and stick needles in people? I think I would rather you be full health :wink: its hard, Im self employed and when I can work I dont make money but the wife and I are doing all we can and this has been 8 months now so keep going and stay possitive!

Love and peace Pete

Quick answer is yes, meds help with symptoms. It can be tricky finding the right one and the right dose and, unfortunately, sometimes they don’t work, but on the whole, the right meds makes life infinitely easier. Karen x

Thanks Karen Pete