does the medication help

Hi , I am not dx yet , awaiting scan. Been off work for six months and now on half pay so desperate to get back to work . But staff health don’t think I should return Untill properly better. Suffering with tiredness , wlking difficulties and stiff legs, painful feet and hands and other sx depending on degree of tiredness . Hopefully whatever the outcome is ms or not do the drugs work and relieve the symptoms so I can get back to work and provide for my family which is really worrying me at moment. Pete

Hi Pete

I’m not taking much meds for your symptoms. I’m on Rebif which is a disease modifying drug which should reduce the frequency and severity of relapses and consequently the disability caused by relapses. I also take amitriptyline at night for burning sensation in my left arm.

I’m hoping someone else can help you so BUMP! Fingers crossed for a dx for you very soon.


Hi Pete If you are now reduced to half pay, you are entitled to claim contribution based employment support allowance which is between £70 and £100 per week. You need an SSP1 form from your employer, a current sick note and your last couple of payslips. All of these documents must be originals and not copies. Xx