does it happen later ?

I have urin dysfunction for few weeks.urin flow is not proper.have abdoman pain too (not oftenly). Feel burning sensation after the urin n urin urgency after every 30 mints.these r initial symptom of MS or they happen very later??? (My MRI r clear,numbness in both legs n hands,legs r more serious than hands,have wore throat too)

Hi again,

Everyone’s MS is different - it doesn’t start the same way for everyone. Some people might have urinary symptoms early, others never. As people have repeatedly replied, it’s not possible to tell whether you have MS from symptoms alone.

You do sound as if you may have a water infection, though.

I thought you were seeing the continence/urinary nurse recently? What was the outcome of that? Did they test a sample for infection?


Anitra thank u! Yes! There were 1-2 pus cells.Which is seen as normal.BTW y does urin frequency happen in MS? Coz paralysed bladed?


It can happen, yes. But it doesn’t happen to everyone, and doesn’t mean what you have is MS. With clear MRIs, it’s very unlikely you will be diagnosed with MS at the moment. There could be a different cause.


Thank u!! Today I have USG app…Let’s see wat happen.