Does anyone take Keppra

Hello Folks,

I’ve been on this site for a while now and read about all the different drugs that are used to aid us with MS, but never hear of anyone saying they use Keppra. Can anyone tell me if they have indeed used this drug and if so how did they react to it. Many thanks

Janet x

l have never taken it - but have heard of it before as it is used to treat dogs who have epilepsy. So l googled it just now and it is used for humans as well with epilepsy.

What is it supposed to do for ms. l know many of the meds taken are licensed for use for epileptics.

Be interested to see if anyone does use it and what results they get.


I was dx with RRMS last year and my neuro started me on Keppra as I was suffering badly with myoclonic jerks. I was given a brain and spinal MRI as they suspected I has MS and not epilepsy but needed the proof.

The Keppra has helped a great deal, I no longer jump like mad and when I go to bed I actually manage to get some sleep, I used to sit down stairs in the wee hours jumping all over the place.

I still get them but not to the same severity, which is bliss.

It just made me wonder why anyone who still suffers with myoclonic jerks is not taking this particular drug.

Janet x