Hi I currently take Pregabalin, but my consultant would like me to change to keppra. This is due to a bladder problem that is possibly being caused by the drug.

So I am just wondering if anyone has any experience of using Keppra for nerve pain.


Just googled it - long list of side-effects as there is with most meds. This one is an Anti-Epileptic drug.

Do read up on it first - the last thing you want is something that gives you more problems. Over the last 32yrs - of PP MS - l have been prescribed several different types of drugs - and none are really just for MS - they all seem to be for epilepsy/parkinsons/bi-polar/HIV etc. Apart from LDN - Sativex - D3/B12 Magnesium - l now do not take anything else. This suits me - as most of the prescribed meds made me so much worse.

Thank you for your response. I know life is unbearable without some pain relief medication. So I am going to be weaned of one while starting the other.

Big issue is that my bladder does not work, I have to self catheterise to empty my bladder. I also had a lot of urgency problems particularly at night (no warning signs).

I have a sacral nerve stimulator fitted and this does help a bit with the urgency. But not the other.

My hands are getting extremely stiff and painfully. I get spasm and cramp and self catheterising is becoming increasingly difficult. So looming in the background is a superpublic catheter.

Both drugs have a list of side effects as long as you arm.

So I just wondered how people got on with Keppra if they they take it?



Twist - l have had a SPC for 20yrs - so do message me if you do go down that line in was the best thing - at the time for me and has been fairly trouble free.