Recent diagnosis of RRMS

Hey everyone,

I was diagnosed last year with relapsing remitting MS after being hospitalised due to having seizures. I have been put on Keppra (levetiracetam) and haven’t had a seizure since

I am fairly young (in my twenties) so all of this has kinda turned my life upside down and its taking some getting used to, anyone else in a similar situation or can offer any advice?


Welcome to the forum.

I’d never heard of Levetiracetam so I looked it up. It seems you’ve been diagnosed with epilepsy and MS, or seizures as a result of MS. Or something like.

You poor thing. I’m so sorry. If it’s not bad enough to have MS, to have to take drugs to prevent seizures too must be awful.

Have you been diagnosed with the relapsing remitting variant of MS? If so, have you been given (or have started talking about) disease modifying drugs (DMDs)?

If not, that’s probably your next issue, how to prevent relapses, so reducing the impact on your body and thereby delay or prevent any damage.

Hopefully you’ve also been given an MS nurse to talk to about what’s been happening to you and what you can do to prevent relapses.

Best of luck, keep talking to us on the forum, we’ll try to help when possible with questions, worries, or just passing the time of day.


I hope all goes well with you, I think you will find that coming to this forum will help, I have not been a member long and found the support from others on the forum invaluable.

Hi Sue,

My case is a very strange one because you’re right Levetiracetem is usually prescribed for epilepsy (which I don’t have) and from every doctor/neurologist I’ve seen it kinda seems like they’re not 100% sure on why the seizures happened so it’s highly likely I’m gonna be on the meds long term just to be safe and make sure I don’t have any more seizures.

Yeah I have been diagnosed with the relapsing remitting variant of MS and I’ve been given alemtuzumab (DMD) for it and had the first bit of that treatment towards the end of last year for 5 days and I’ll have more treatment towards the end of this year. Hopefully the treatment goes well and reduces the number of future relapses, fingers crossed haha.

At the moment I have monthly blood tests to make sure that treatment is going as it should be and so far its all been going exactly like expected which is good news

I get monthly phone calls from the MS nurse to see how I’m doing with the MS and to let me know how the treatment is going from the results of the blood test, so luckily I do have lot’s of support.

Thanks for your reply, really appreciate it.

Cheers mate, yeah I’m looking to take all the help and support on offer really and it will definitely help speaking to people in a similar situation to me.