First Post, diagnosed with RRMS about a year ago.

Hello, I don’t know much about my condition, and haven’t tried to look it up until now. I already have epilepsy (for 18yrs of my life) so was in denial about this a bit, but it isn’t all doom and gloom. So thought I’d better find out a bit more about it now. I take techfidera for it and I don’t know much about that either, so any information would help :slight_smile: thank you

Well, now. You’ve certainly been given a double whammy. I’m okay with my MS, but I think if I developed epilepsy I’d be screaming at the world. You’re obviously a pretty strong person, so that’s a definite plus!

RRMS mostly just means that your symptoms are going to come and go while you’re on a slow downhill slide. You’ll have relapses that cause all of your existing problems to hit you all at once and twice as hard, and then they’ll slack off and leave you just a bit worse than you were before. It took me more than 40 years to reach the point of having to quit work, so sometimes MS moves very slowly.

You can learn a lot from this forum, and feel free to ask any questions. You’ll be getting a lot of responses soon. Ssssue will be able to explain more of the specifics.

Hello Rowan

Welcome to the forum. I agree with Norasmum, you’ve had quite enough to deal with being epileptic.

MS is quite a learning curve, but if you’ve managed to more or less ignore it for a year, you’ve done really well. And hopefully the Tecfidera will keep relapses at bay for a good long time.

I appreciate Norasmums faith in me, but I’m not going to blind you with a load of MS facts. What I’m good at is telling people where to look for answers.

To start with, try to read reputable sources if info about MS. For example, this site (hit the :house: type symbol at the top of this page - the MS Society Home page), look at the ‘About MS’ tab. You’ll find lots of useful info there. Alternatively, look at the MS Trust fact pages (type MS Trust and a search term into your browser - try ‘types of MS’, you’ll find plenty of detail about relapsing remitting MS).

Obviously, we are here and will do our best to answer any specific questions you have. Just remember we aren’t (mostly) medically trained, we only have our own experience to rely on.

On that subject, you do need to keep in mind that everyone’s MS is different. We might all have MS, many of us have, or had the relapsing remitting type. But however many symptoms we have in common, our MS experience is quite individual. It’s often called a ‘snowflake’ disease because everybody’s MS is different.

Best of luck.