19 and scared.

I’m 19 and for the 2 years I’ve been experiencing what seem like m.s symptoms. It started with an acute loss of hearing and vision, which I have since regained, then came sudden onset complex seizures which so far have not been able to be controlled by meds. Then there has been pain and spasms throughout my body on and off. Even odd things like tongue numbness, cold bleeding sensation in the back of my head. Eye twitches, dead arm, heavy feeling limbs. Sleep for days. Not sleeping for weeks. Not being able to eat for weeks. Headaches, speech problems. memory issues which worries me most since I grew up being able to remember anything I came in contact with. But alas the list goes on. But when I go to my gp they laugh me out of the office or at least that’s how it feels. I’ve been waiting for a neurological refuraal even though I have epilepsy and should see one twice a year. I don’t know if I’m worrying about nothing or I have a real reason to be worried. I may of jumped to m.s since women in my family seem to get it around this age. Im just scared and feel like I’m being ignored.

You definately need that referral. You can ask your GP for one, if he doesn’t give you one, see another Dr. I don’t know if what you have is. MS, but whatever it is, it needs sorting. Keep us posted xx

Oh bless you, it sounds like you are being let down and are very scared.

I recently was diagnosed with RRMS and i am now 35, the neurologist seems to believe that when i had just turned 21 i had my first relapse, after my son was born i lost the feeling in my legs for about six months.

The doctors then were very um mean and felt i was putting it on and did nothing about it, obviously this is not as bad as you, but some doctors can be very reluctant to see anything from another point of view, bugging them is the way i got them to take me seriously, i had an impingement in my shoulder but that didn’t explain other symptoms and then when i had an accident at my ex employers, yeah they dismissed me, my neck became an issue, it was only when the orthopedic surgeon referred me for a neck scan, did they realise i had white spots/swelling on my brain and an oval shaped cyst in my spinal column, this led onto a year of tests before finally two/three weeks ago i was diagnosed.

I was constantly at my doctors saying about numbness, fatigue, pain, spasms and they just kept throwing pain meds at me and palming it off on orthpedics or neurology, always saying i will have to wait for results or wait till i saw them.

It is very frustrating but you need to get them to refer you, being in limboland is very scary but if you think it is MS then look at ways to help maintain and control symptoms, you don’t need a diagnosis to help yourself. My husband has become obessed with healthy eating, supplements and very gentle excerise for me, and though annoying at times i can see a difference, although marginal, in myself.

Obviously people are here for you with or without conformation xx