Hi i have only been diagnosed a year ago with RR MS i Had A Epilectic seizure in November was told the lessions on my brain had left me with scaur was put on meds for my seizure’s , only to have another today whilst on holiday. Just wondered if this is normal in MS and your experiences. Thank you

hi boyz

sorry that you have been diagnosed with ms.

and then to have epileptic seizures as well!

i have heard of other people having the same.

you should have been given a Disease Modifying Drug for your ms.

also you should have been allocated an ms nurse.

speak to your nurse who works closely with the neuro.

he or she may be able to offer some advice.

how unfair to have a seizure whilst you were on holiday.

take care

carole x

Thank you so much catwomanCarol I really appreciate your reply.Iam on DMD at the moment and due to go back for my 3rd (Rituximab),i have been in touch with my consultant and he suggested i up my anti epilectic medication,hope this help.I just wondered if it was anything anyone else had suffered with (seizures).This is all new to me. Thankyou again for you reply.

This subject comes up quite often on the Barts Blog and worth doing a search.

Thank you so much for this link.

Hi Boyz I have absence seizures thanks to a pesky lesion !! Largely controlled with Tegretol. I saw them as a nuisance and blithely ignored them until one happened whilst I was stood in the dining room. I fell against the table and broke some ribs !! MrH told my neuro consult at the next appointment and Tegretol happened. I also now have a beautiful little furdaughter, a Jackabee called MaiSie, who very cleverly barks a warning to tell me to sit down.