Does anyone have this symptom?


Iv noticed that sometimes when i touch a certain part of my body i can can feel the sensation in another part. I first noticed it when i was touching my hip and it felt like i was touching my thigh. It not a major problem just curious if it happens to anyone else.

Thanks Christine

Hi, I reckon that`s altered sensations, which can come with nerve damage.

I get the same sometimes and also quite often, I imagine my feet are in a certain position, then when I look at them, they are somewhere else…not in a different room or owt as mad as that!!



Thanks Boudica, that would be scary if your feet were in another room. I sometimes feel that i cant tell where my toes are, luckily there still at the end of my feet.

I suppose that wbat you are describing is what my neuro is looking for when she does a full neuro examination. She uses a filament on my hands (and feet too) and also curls individual fingers towards my palm. I am not looking when she does this and have to indicate which fingers she has touched. Apparently, I often indicate the wrong fingers as I am either not feeling her touch or getting it wrong about where I have been touched.

Maybe it is that, i can feel where i am touched but feel it in another place also.

No, but I have had the oddest sensation recently; when I’m laying in bed, it feels like something is running down my leg. Not water, but someone running their fingertips down it or something. I just put it down to general MS strangeness… will mention to my MS Nurse, but I’m not going to worry about it.