Doctor's letter


I would like someones point of view on my consultants letter, I haven’t read it since I got it and looked it up on dr Google worsted thing to do.

She had 4th nerve palsy manifesting as vertical diploid. Also you obtained an MRI scan of both orbits and brain. This showed a couple of legions that are consistent with white matter changes some are non-specific but one that is pericallosal suggests a demyelinating legion.

He went on to say that I told him that I haven’t had the normal balance issues but I didn’t know that was what he was looking for and I didn’t tell him other things that I did have .

Thanks a head of time


Hello Kay

Asking us to demystify your neurologists letter is literally like asking the blind to lead a person with double vision (vertical diploid having something to do with double vision I think!)

Do you have a follow up appointment with the neurologist? If so, you could ask him to explain the letter to you in words that you might understand! Otherwise, make an appointment to see your GP and ask her/him to explain the letter and suggest what happens next.

It’s possible that one demyelinating lesion could be the beginnings of MS, but I imagine it might not be sufficient to actually diagnose MS with. But I could be completely wrong.

You really need a doctors explanation to work out what the letter means.

Oh and stay away from Google. You won’t learn anything from it.

All the best.


I phoned the gp when I got the letter, he hedged answering that they were stiĺl looking at what’s happening I have an appointment to see the neurologist April 10th but I still waiting for the MRI but I only read the letter once when I got it but didn’t understanding it, that’s why I went online but sites that one of my doctor had recommended. It has been on this site along with NHS, patient UK that has educated me, so I looked at my letter again today and I understand a lot better than I did before so much so that I now know that I have one demyelinating disease legion. Before it went straight over my head. I was also upset at what the sites had told me about demyelinating diseases. Thanks a lot. Kay

The thing is, in times past, patients wouldn’t be copied in to letters sent from specialists to GPs, so were left out of the loop. Now, we’re copied into everything and sometimes that leads you to consulting Google (or indeed us - in many ways, we’re no better as we tend to be armchair neurologists, specialists in our own experience), or just mystified and concerned about what the hell is wrong.

So it’s better now that we kept informed. But being sent letters that we don’t (and I suspect our GPs don’t always) understand isn’t really helpful.

I expect that once you have the appointment with the neurologist, you’ll be able to ask all the questions that are flying round your head. It’s utter hell waiting for that appointment to come.

Keep coming on here, you’ve been doing such a good job of sharing your own experience with others, so well done to you. In the process you are learning so much you didn’t know before. By the time you see the neurologist, you’ll be an expert at your own symptoms and experiences.