Just had a letter from my neuro but I don't really understand it.

I had an MRI  done at Beds hospital a few weeks ago after my first MS Attack (?) in March. It showed one small lesion on the right side of the brain explaining my left-sided symptoms. I saw the neuro after the MRI and she said she would order a LP at Addenbrooke's which I now have an appointment for next week.

I received a letter today from my neuro which reads:

"...I have reviewed your scan with the neurologist's at Addenbrooke's, and they are happy that the lesion that we see in the brain stem (anterior modular), is consistent with inflammation (demyelenation). The brain is otherwise healthy.



Does this mean she has been in contact with Addenbrooke's to discuss this? I have already had an appointment with her and she already told me about the lesion on the right side but because it's only one she wants me to have a LP too.


Is this just to confirm in writing?





Just to add that I haven't been to, or seen anyone from, Addenbrooke's yet so this is slightly confusing me...

Here is a link to Myelin loss:

I think so, yes. I'm only guessing, but it does just sound as though she has consulted with her professional colleagues at Addenbrooke's and that they support the interpretation that she has already given you verbally.   I guess the letter is a written confirmation of what she has told you but adding, for the record, that she has checked it out with others.  Nice that she is being thorough.  It is normal, I think, for doctors to seek advice from their peers, and there might be some particular protocol (or something like that) relating to the way the two hospitals work together in this area that requires it.  If you are in doubt, however, best to ask her.



Thanks Alison.

 I've just realised I read a word slightly wrong. It says she has reviewed my scan with the 'neuroradiologists at Adenbrooke's not 'neurologists'.


Thanks jellybean.

I understand about demyelination, it was the wording of the letter, or the purpose of the letter, I was confused about, but that's a good link and have stuck it in my favourties :)

Favourites* even. My concentration is horrendous today! 

When having a shower this morning I stood there staring at the bottles of shampoo, conditioners and shower gels and trying to remember which one I needed. I have been using the same shower gel for weeks now yet it took me a good minute or so to try and concentrate and remember which one it was! I think I got it right but I am still not totally convinced! LOL. How awful! I feel worse than my nan who had dementia!

Aha, after a little internet searchio I found out that my neuro is a consultant neuro at Addenbrooke's. I saw her at Bedford hospital though.