Finding out what's wrong in a letter

I already have the letter that says I have 2 areas of demyelination/lesions and will get my results of my lumbar puncture at the end of this week. My appointment isn’t for another two weeks. I know that they send results out by post but what exactly do they expect you to do when you find out information that even the GP didn’t really understand, but could be MS? This letter could either tell me info that means it is highly likely I have MS or that there is an unexplained reason for the lesions. I don’t know about anyone else but I’d rather be told face to face so someone can explain it rather than worry about what I have read.

Hi DM,

Yes, I agree. It just makes you speculate endlessly about what they are getting at. Most of the time before dx is spent in worried anticipation about what is coming next. You don’t need a tiny part of the jigsaw just to confuse things.

Hope you get some answers soon.

Teresa xx

that would be no good at all. :( You'd think they'd have enough sense to give you a number to ring so you can discuss the results with a nurse or something, to at least put one's mind at ease.  The only thing worse than not knowing at all, is only knowing half of the story but having to wait and find out what it all means. 

I really hope you get some answers soon!!!