Any help please? Desperate


i had had a letter from the doctor saying that I have 6 lesions in my brain which have the distribution and morphology of a neuro inflammatory or demyelinating disorder. As my appointments have been moved again and again and again I am wondering if this is a diagnosis or not?

Well now, I dont think it is right that a letter should be giving a diagnosis, without an face to face appointment, so that you can ask questions, discuss any treatment etc.

I guess you do have an appointment in the offing, but due to it keep being moved on, you`re feeling confused, understandably.

Perhaps your GP could help meanwhile, with a translation.


It was my GP that gave me the letter. She said I have the right to my results but that she can’t tell me any more than is in the letter because she doesn’t have that kind of knowledge. Just feel a bit in limbo at the moment.

Oh right.

Looks like you will have to wait for your neuros appointment to get to know any more then.