contridictions confuse

I think its rant time officially,

i was told my MRI results would take a couple of weeks and i got them this morning which threw me because i only had the scan 4 days ago, the letter told me that i would be seeing my GP for the results which again is what i expected as i haven’t even seen my neuro yet.

the letter said don’t be unduly alarmed, a routine appointment will be fine. I don’t understand this, does it mean nothings wrong why the urgency in the letter then!? I don’t understand, has anyone else had this? Should i not be worried, does it mean everythings clear? A little guidence would be appreciated as i never seem to know whata going on x

Hi Char,

Try not to second guess, just from how soon the letter turned up. In theory, MRI results are available as soon as the scan is finished - they don’t have to go off to be developed or anything. So all it needs is someone to review and write up.

They may have quoted two weeks to cover themselves for “worst case”, but if they happened to have someone available sooner, I don’t think you should read into it that the results were sinister.

If they were going to diagnose MS, it’s definitely not allowed for a GP to do it, so I think we can say it’s not that. It doesn’t necessarily mean they haven’t seen anything abnormal, but it can’t be anything sufficient to diagnose, or they’d have called you back in for a face-to-face, not left it to the GP.

And I think we can also conclude it’s not a brain tumour, because they would make clear to follow up urgently, not tell you just routine would be fine.

You won’t know for sure until you get the results, but to me, it all points to them not having seen anything desperately worrying. Either it was clear, or anything they saw was not conclusive enough to diagnose, and it will be a case of watch and wait.