Do you think getting more sleep?

Hi all, Undiagnosed 15 months ago, speech is always playing up. Do you think getting more sleep may help, I only get about 5 hours a night? I need some hope that this may still sort itself out I’m so depressed about it, to the point where I just don’t wanna speak anymore or start a conversation or join in.

Unless you are the kind of person who does well on only 5 hours sleep a night (and they are very rare!), then YES I’m certain it would help to get more sleep! Fatigue shows up all our neurological weaknesses. When I’m really fatigued, I can’t walk in straight lines, my left leg doesn’t work, I can’t sit up straight, I slur, I use the wrong words, my sensory symptoms are worse, I jerk more, my right eye droops,… When I’m not (badly) fatigued, most people would never guess there was anything wrong with me except maybe a bad knee! Why not keep a diary: sleep vs symptoms. I bet more sleep relates to less symptoms! Karen x