Do you know your blood group?

Hi Everyone

Thought I would mention that I found out my blood group last year by becoming a blood donor. It turns out that alot of the foods I used to love where infact of no use to me by eating as they only store fat and reduce energy. I have found by eating a food plan that only consists of the right foods for me that I have much more energy and have lost quiet a lot of weight which has to be a good thing. PS I’m blood group A+ which means that I should only eat leafy greens, Fish, Fruit, nuts and seeds.

Interesting fact is that for every person you ask if they know there blood group 9 out of 10 won’t know unless you have been pergnant and can remember it!


Hi Jimbo,

Do you know you are not allowed to be a blood donor if you have MS?

I noticed the other day that you were advising people to do this. No, it’s a no-no for MSers. We can’t help what might have happened before we were diagnosed, so I know, in that sense, it’s silly. Many people must unknowingly have donated before they were diagnosed.

But once you’re diagnosed, that’s it. You shouldn’t be doing it, nor advising other MSers to do it.


Hi Tina

Good shout, PS I last gave blood pre diagnoses.

The other way to find out is Amazon where they do a blood test kit, I’ve just brougth one for my kids to see what they are.

Still the question is do you and everyone know what group they are and is it worth finding out to see if it helps with there systoms?


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