Any one tried blood group diet??


I got diagnosed October 2012 after having many systoms over the year or so earlier. My mother also has 25 years been struggling with MS.

Thought I would drop a note to all to say that we have been folllowing the blood group diet for six months now and have to say it certainly gives us energy and keeps the weight off which is a added bonus.

When you find out your group check that what it says you can eat it that doesn’t match the MS none eat foods ie certain dairy or spices etc.

I believe we can all beat MS by adapting ourselfs to eat the right foods and drink and constantly think positive thoughts.

Easier said than done, but isn’t it worth a try.

Hope this information helps.


hi jimbo

i’m going to google it and have a go.


carole x

Well I Googled this, and thought “What a load of rubbish”
No that was not the word I first thought of (that one would have been filtered).

NO mention of the real big difference in any of the reports.

So where do those people who are Rhesus negative (Rh-) fit in?

What I did find is that there is a general opinion that the idea is not supported by science - but hey, it’s trendy, and some filmstars that I have never heard of follow it, so it must be good.


Hi, recently there was post about ridding oneself of MS by following a certain diet.

I dont believe it is at all possible. But what is possible, is that people will usually feel better if they follow a sensible diet.

Nice idea…but not true!

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