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Do you have any issues with your feelings?

Sometimes, I feel like I’m very sad at the workplace without a reason especially If I don’t get enough sleep. I’m not talking about having a fear of MS or worried about the future. There are normal reasons. It’s just sad and tense feelings and people ask me why are you feeling nervous. Some colleagues started apologizing because they think they made something wrong. I don’t know what makes me feel sad. Have you experienced the same issue?

It sounds as if you might be a little depressed - but good that you are recognising that something isn’t quite right, as it is better to tackle it early on.

Being sleep deprived is a very common reason for feeling sad, jaded, lacking bounce. Certainly won’t help.

Just wondering whether you might also be a sufferer of SAD - Seasonal affective disorder - short days, long nights, lack of sun - November, December are the worst months. The hour change makes it worse than it need be. I get that. It is important to get out into the daylight, particularly in the morning and especially when it is sunny just to give a boost.

And, just being young and having an MS diagnosis is a very likely reason for feeling sad. You haven’t said how long you have had your diagnosis but whatever your age, it takes most people a long time to get through the grieving stage of having a significant illness diagnosed and all the uncertainty it brings. Have you had any emotional help since your diagnosis? I’ve had CBT in the past and found it very useful. I think it should be offered to everyone who has recently received a diagnosis for any long-term illness. I found it offers useful ways and strategies of boosting one’s coping skills that apply to so many situations, well beyond dealing with health uncertainties - a very useful tool to have in the toolbox.

And many of us are down at the moment thanks to all the uncertainties around Covid that just keeps on and on. (When will it end?!) We have been having to cut back our socialising which is so important for our well-being.

I think at the moment there are so many negative things that are lining up all at the same time that are knocking us into this state of ‘lassitude’, that you’ll find many (without MS) in a similar boat, and we can’t point to particular causes, because there are so many.

Exercise, fresh air, having fun with friends (phone, messaging etc if not able to see them in person) are known to be helpful. Putting a bit of time aside regularly to do things that you enjoy is another useful strategy. And going to bed at a sensible time too!

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