Do I or Don't I?

HI everyone,

Just popped on seeking opinions really. I’ve had constant numbness and tingling in the right side of my head and face for nearly 7 weeks now, in addition to poor balance, fatigue and feeling very emotional.

The facial symptoms have improved slightly in as much as they are only affecting my mouth, cheek and corner of my eye. However, I now experience extreme tightness in my face to the point that my mouth looks a little distorted and my mouth burns when I eat. Believe it or not the symptoms are worse when I laugh or smile, which is infuriating because I don’t want to look miserable all the time :lol:

I have no dx yet but had an MRI 15th August which apparently showed lesions on the right side of my brain indicating a strong possibility of MS.

I have not worked since 6th August due to feeling so awful, I now have an appointment with OH 13th October and an appointment with the Neuro 28th November.

Sorry for the long post but I am due to see my GP tomo as my sick note runs out and am in two minds as to whether to return to work yet. I know nobody can really answer that question for me but would value opinions :slight_smile: My boss is going on leave for 2 wks and is unsure whether I should return before OH appointment. I’m bored out of my mind but don’t know if I’m ready yet and at the same time don’t have much faith in my GP to make the decision for me.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this xxx

Hi Kirstie
I would ask your GP to extend your note until your symptoms are more under control. Your health is important and going back too soon will just put additional stress and strain on your already overtaxed system.
I woud definitely wait until after the OH and if you can endure the absence from work I’d await the findings from the neuro.
Take the lead tommorow, state the issues you are suffering from and explain to the GP that you are in no way fit to return.
I know being off sick can play havoc on the concience but you have to put yourself first love; your work will cope without you but will you cope with work right now?
I ended up taking time away from work until after my dx was complete and the good thing was that as I had a dx the company had to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to my work/hours etc which they don’t have to do for you yet.
Good luck however you decide

I agree with Clare. Don’t go back too early!

My experience is that if I try and do things before I’m ready, the relapse lasts a lot longer.

It’s boring, but for the best.

Karen x

Hi Kirstie,
I have also been off work from the start of August, and I’m feeling like I want to go back. Its a nightmare but i’m nowhere ready for work yet…
You didn’t say what you do? i’m a nurse and I work on a busy ward, I have been refereed to OH but I haven’t had an appointment through yet. I have herd that I may not be able to return to work until I have seen them but i’m not sure. I don’t want to wait for an appointment with the neuro doc on the NH as it takes so long!! i’m seeing a private one this evening. I have to have an interview with my boss for a long term sickness next week…
If I were you I wouldn’t go back to work until you know whats going on with yourself, get better first… Nov is not that far away, the waiting time for me was 26 weeks!!

Take care

Millie xx

Thank you for replying, I’ve just got back from the GP (never see the same one twice :x . I tried to explain the ongoing facial symptoms, tiredness and the recent additional discomfort in my back and all the tears of late. Through more tears I actually had to say to him ‘Are you listening to me?’ As he was reading my notes at the same time. Then he asked me ‘How long do you want this note for then? 2 wks, 4 wks or 6 wks?’ :x then all he seemed to pick up on was the tiredness and has arranged for blood tests. No examination or real questions… again :x

Millie: I work with children and familes for social services, which can be tough but …

Sorry to come on here and moan but feeling so low and just want to cry but what good will that do? the symptoms are invisible and I’m fed up with having to explain

((((HUGS)))) to all today xxx

oh and Millie, good luck for this evening, hope it goes well xx

Hi Kirstie

I know you’ve had plenty of replies, but I just thought I’d add to the general consensus of not going back to work. I made this mistake on quite a few occasions, staying off for a couple of weeks then feeling a bit better and also guilty for being off work so I’d go back and spend a week back at work totally exhausted only to be off again for another couple of weeks.
You need to spend a decent amount of continuous time off, first of all to try and get over the bout of fatigue you’re having at the moment and then maybe to do a little exercise to combat the weak muscles.
I was given some great advice on here - rest as much as possible to reduce your feelings of fatigue, then as you start to feel more human start on very gentle exercise to build up the strength in your muscles. It’s kind of a catch 22 position, the more fatigued you are the less you will move around so the weaker your muscles become so the more fatigued you will be. It’s an absolutely awful feeling I know, but I have spent a week resting and have very slowly started to exercise and I feel better in body as well as mind.
There’s a exercise video on this site too.
Take care