Do I have MS?

Hi MS community,

I am writing this message sitting here depressed trying to figure out what has been wrong with me for the last 6 months - 1 year.

It all started with this pressure inside my head 3-4 months ago, this is still vaguely here some days worse than others but still very much there everyday, My symptoms are as follows:

  • Heavy head
  • Dizziness feeling like my head is being filled with water
  • vibrations in the neck if I am in an uncomfortable position
  • Head twitches when attempting to fall asleep
  • Reoccuring headaches / and sometimes what feels like a headache in my right eye around twice a week
  • Sometimes I will speak and say the wrong word at the end of the sentence for example which has been happening a lot lately and my parents have been laughing at this. for example I would say are we going in the hallway instead of are we going in the car, i’m not sure if this is due to not thinking about what I am meant to say but just spitting it out although i’ve never had a problem with that

As you can see these symptoms are controlling my life right now, they are destroying my motivation for life, do you think this could be MS? I have been to the doctors with this twice and they have put it down to stress, these incompetent doctors threw propanaol at me even though I have asthma and can’t take that, I went and spoke to a doctor at a walk in clinic after a panic attack thinking I was going to feint as my head felt so heavy; she prescribed me amitryaline, I did not take either of these medicines.

I am going to contact my GP tomorrow and make an appointment and request some scans which i’m hoping shouldn’t be a problem.

hi randomperson

make your gp understand how worried you are - if you are losing your motivation for life you may be prescribed anti depressants.

don’t refuse this help even if you have never considered taking them.

amitriptyline is a good med as it acts as a neuropathic pain killer and is also anti depressant.

maybe you should get a scan to rule out any chance of a tumour.

good luck mate

carole x

Hi rp, with the symptoms you’ve described it could be any number of things, not necessarily MS. You really must speak to your GP again & explain your feelings & worries, please take the help offered to you.

Good luck

Rosina x

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Please please speak to GP again. It must be so stressful not knowing what’s wrong. It could be any number of things but your GP must understand your worries and frustration. I find it helps to write a letter FULLY explaining things and then you should grab any help offered as it could help. At worst anti depressants would help keep you strong until your GP can find what is wrong.

Good luck


When you say vibrations in the neck do you mean an electric shock wizzing down your spineor tingling aacross the back of the neck or something else? Hope you can get to see gp and make some progress, sp

I would say to the GP please refer me to see a specialist. Say the words specialist and neurology. GP’s can be hesitant sometimes at referring patients on. Express your concerns to the GP, as someone already mentioned write a letter if you are not getting anywhere.

Hi rp

Did you manage to get to see your GP and how are you feeling now?

Shazzie x

It is imperative you see a Neurologist; as others have said it could be many complaints just to show you there’s Hughes Syndrome, see that is very similar to MS but only a specialist can diagnose.

It’s not something I agree with but you can go private; costs about £200; then for all tests etc on the NHS this is legal. Don’t jump out the frying pan and ask on here if there’s a Neuro someone could recommend in your area.

Again just to show you how difficult diagnosing is this is report by a doctor about his diagnosis

Good luck who knows in a couple of weeks the end of limbo land could be in sight.


Hi rp, I was wondering if you have been offered a lumber puncture. The reason I ask is because I suffered similar symptoms and a LP showed me to have raised intracranial pressure as well as MS. I now have to take diamox to keep the fluid around my brain at an acceptable level. Ask your gp if you can be referred to a neurologist. You must keep voicing your worries until your gp takes notice. Hope you get on and find answers. Take care x Julie.