Maybe ms?

Hi Was wondering if any of you guys could help? Last month or so all of a sudden I started to ache all over it now seems to migrate round my body, one day it’s my back another days it’s my leg or leg neck and so on, I’ve had a dead right leg for two days which was an achy numb pain today that has gone now its my neck and shoulders. Bloods came back fine but now my doctor thinks its due to my sleeping which I’m not getting a lot of, Been having a few headaches as well, Asked my doctor if it could be ms he said no I’m too young I’m 27, My aunty has ms and she said this is how hers started. Any advice would be great thanks

Hi Frankie, first off…that doc is way wrong in telling you that you are too young for MS. Same goes when someone is told they are too old to get it. MS has absolutely no age discrimination!

Having said that, your symptoms arent terribly MS like…but we all know that it can take many guises, eh?

Is it possible that the poor sleep and headaches could be down to being anxious about your health?

More common first symptoms can be optic problems or tripping up over nothing!

Maybe you could note your symptoms, how long you`ve had them and ask your GP for a referral to a neuro, eh?


Hi Thanks for your reply, I’ve never been a great sleeper, I don’t think it’s down to being anxious just want to find out whats wrong with me. Legs feel really weak lately and the doctor just pretty much fobbed me off today like he thinks I’m making it up

Hi Thanks for your reply I don’t think it down to being anxious and I’ve never been a great sleeper, Legs are really weak and fatigued all over, My doctor just pretty much fobbed me off today like he thinks I’m making it up

Hi Frankie! Sorry to hear you are struggling. Would it be possible to see another gp for a second opinion? Your symptoms do not sound familular to me but you obviously have symptoms that you need help with. Another gp may be more sympathetic. Its difficult to say whether this is ms-like because we all experience ms differently. I hope you get some help soon. Try not to worry about having ms as these symptoms could be absolutely anything and it could be down to something that is very easily treated. Teresa.x

Hello again Frankie! Just wanted to add…do you think this could be a back problem? problems with back/leg/neck/shoulders can be caused by things such as trapped nerves/disc problems or arthritis etc. I am not medically qualified at all…just sharing my thoughts as i am a person who has ms but have suffered with back problems in the past also. MS symptoms generally dont tend to move around as you have described but i could be wrong. If you dont have any luck with a gp second opinion it may be worth seeing an osteopath or asking to be refered to a phisiotherapist to see if they can find an answer to your symptoms. You might have to pay for an osteopath to see you but it could be worth paying to get another opinion. MS usually comes with other symptoms such as balance problems/dizziness/eye problems/bladder and bowel problems but as i said…not always! Do you have any other symptoms? Good luck in your journey to get some help. Teresa.x