do I accept dr's verdict ?

I will not list the syptoms here but I suspect I have MS. My GP did some physical tests in the surgery and stated no sign of MS. Do I leave it alone or keep pushing and if I keep pushing, what do I say ?

Pushing can be the right thing to do. Many of the DXd on here had to make several visits to the GP. As to what you say … report the problems you are having.


I’m only guessing, but if you went in announcing your self-diagnosis, that’s probably at least part of the problem. Patients who go in convinced they have some dread disease, after spending a bit of time on Google, are most doctors’ worst nightmare. They are quite likely to be dismissed as folks with health anxiety - i.e. “the worried well”.

It’s generally much better to stick to the facts of what your symptoms are, and let the doctor determine their significance, rather than say: “I think I have X”. There are literally hundreds of conditions that mimic MS. It’s a diagnosis of exclusion, which means all these other things have to be ruled out, before MS would even be considered.

So I don’t think insisting you want to be investigated “for MS” is the way forward, at the moment. Instead, you could play it differently, and say something along the lines of: “Well, that’s reassuring, that you don’t think it’s MS. However, I’m still getting these symptoms. Is there anything else it might be? Something we could check for?” That is a halfway house between just accepting it, and trying to tell the doctor his or her job - which rarely goes down well. It makes clear you’re not satisfied it’s “nothing”, but leaves it in the doctor’s court what to do next. As a starter, they might suggest running some blood tests for common vitamin deficiencies, and that sort of thing.


Thank you both for your replies. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 9 years ago so the main thing for my gp’s is to keep throwing pain killers at me. Recently started falling more, walking like I am drunk, have tremors and an eye / vision issue which has been ok’d by optician. I tend not to google diagnose but I also research before going to the doctor.